The BAD about the supplement industry

Hello! my name is Jack West, and this is my first blog post! In this post I’m just going to explain the reason I made a blog, and what I will be talking about. First of all I will be mainly discussing and talking about things all health and fitness related, as this is my passion. I decided to make a blog because in the ‘fitness industry’ there is so much advertising, which isn’t a bad thing but some of the products that company’s come out with today are absolute nonsense. For example the ‘all natural testosterone booster’, and I feel like to many people have got to obsessed with quick ways to make money, instead of trying to help people and supply them with things that actually have a benefit. The companies wont stop bringing supplements or products like it out because they SELL, and that’s what some company’s are all about now, just trying to sell, don’t get me wrong there are good supplement company’s out there for example ‘My Protein’. I just feel as to many supplement company’s have forgotten the reason they started up, to help people achieve their fitness goals, instead they just want to take advantage of ill-informed customers. There was a teenager that went to the same gym as me, he was only 14 and FullSizeRenderhe came up to me, and asked if I take these ‘weight loss drops’ that supposedly make you lose weight rapidly. He recommend them to me even though he had seen no results from this product what so ever, but he believed in them so much, because of how good the marketing was on the product and also the lack of knowledge he had on supplements. I know you have to make money, to have a successful business, but I really don’t think that bogus supplements are necessary for making a good yearly turnover. I don’t understand, instead of bringing out a new ‘fat loss’ supplement each month, which ‘guarantees’ quicker fat loss. Why not just concentrate on raising the quality of the supplements that actually do work, like protein, or creatine. When I say raise the quality, it doesn’t always have to mean making the product better by adding more ingredients, because I know with certain products for example creatine monohydrate, you can’t make it better, it already has many scientifically proven effects, such as becoming more resistant to fatigue. So what I mean with products like that is to try to find a cheaper way to make the product, so you can sell it for cheaper, but also keeping it at the highest standard, equalling better quality. The point I’m trying to get across is that I really wish supplement company’s would stick to the basic supplements, the tried and trusted ones, that actually have a beneficial outcome. Alternatively invest their money into improving them, or trying to find ways to make the product cheaper. Instead of investing there money into supplements that have no beneficial outcome, and that cost a bomb, just to trick people who are maybe new to the gym, or don’t have a lot of knowledge about supplements into wasting there money on these products.



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