How To Deal With Cravings

Are you craving a specific food while dieting?
Are you wishing you could have that donut you’ve been craving for the last few days?

If so, don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal. I’m currently 8 weeks into my cut (weight loss) and it seems like I have a different craving everyday! So I thought id write this short article on how I deal with them, hope it helps.

It’s usual to have cravings, everyone gets them, more than ever when dieting, and it usually leads to the same question over and over; “How can I satisfy this craving without messing up my diet?” Then normally if no solution is found it normally ends up in a huge binge, eating 10 donuts and then feeling rubbish after.

Followed by the norm ‘Diet starts on Monday’.


BUT!  Giving into a specific craving is not the same thing as bingeing on everything in the fridge!  This is where flexible dieting really helps. If you have been really craving a slice of pizza, you can satisfy your cravings by fitting it into your macros, without ruining all the progress you have made !

If you find yourself always wanting a certain food, the best way to avoid bingeing is to allow yourself to have whatever food you are craving but in moderation.  If you do give in  to your craving, don’t let it affect you, your still on track with your diet, don’t get down on yourself, and allow your self to indulge in moderation on the foods you crave, look at it as a lifestyle, instead of a diet.  The main thing is taking control of and satisfying the craving, as you will be less likely to go crazy thinking about it!

We all want to look and feel our best but the truth is, if you can’t get that bar of galaxy that’s in the fridge out of your head, soon enough, you’re going to end up eating  the whole bar, so allow your self a few squares, while staying on track. Like I said its a lifestyle not a diet, you’re not going to go the rest of your life without ever eating a slice of pizza again, it’s all about balance and moderation.

Remember you control your diet,  don’t let food control you!

Thank you for reading.If you have any questions fill free to contact me.

For more information about Flexable Deiting, I have written a separate article dedicated to it.

What food do you crave the most? Comment down below.






3 thoughts on “CRAVINGS!!!

  1. Love this post – provides realism that so many health blogs lack. I’m always craving random foods, and it’s usually at random times like 3am on a Wednesday.. I once had this random craving for Crumpets – and once I had a single bite, I remembered I hated them. LOL.

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