Is there really an ‘Optimal’ time to consume yours carbs?

Should carbs after 6 be illegal?


Even to this day, there are still see people who say ‘No carbs after 6 ’, and they swear by it. Even though it’s been deeply proven that there is no certain time where carbs will get converted to fat, even if its past 6, the insulin fairies don’t come and make those carbs convert to adipose tissue. It bewilders me that some people still swear by this. You could even argue that eating your carbs towards the evening can be beneficial  (Carb Back loading) and there is data to show that eating your carbs in the evening helps with hunger, which would then help with fat loss, as makes you less likely to fall off your diet.

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At the end of the day it all comes down to your total daily carbohydrate intake.

When should you eat your carbs ?

It’s all personal preference , eat your carbs/food when it enables you to personally perform your best, and when ever suits you and your life style best.

Personally I like to load up on carbs before going to the gym, normally I have a high carb meal about an hour and a half before I workout, because it suits me best and I can’t train on an empty stomach. But someone else might feel too full and have a bad workout, so they maybe prefer to eat most of their carbs after their workout and later in the day. I prefer to have a high carb meal before the gym and another high carb meal at night because I can’t go to bed hungry, and a good sleep will of course benefit my performance in the weights room. It’s all down to the individual, and what suits you best.

Another beneficial reason to eat carbs before bed is when you ingest a large amount of carbohydrates, melatonin is released in the brain which causes you to feel drowsy and fall asleep, think of how tired you get after eating a huge meal, for example Christmas dinner.

Unsustainable and unnecessary limitations will just end with long-term failure. Do what suits you. Personal preference is number on, if you are happy with your diet you will be consistent, only when your consistent will you achieve dietary success.

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