The word ‘Superfood’ gets thrown around a lot in the fitness industry.

We all know and have those certain friends and family members who have decided that they are going to go on the new ‘super healthy diet where they eat quinoa, avocados, almonds, and kale. Oh and how could I forget, the grass-fed, organic, natural, gluten-free and “insert marketing term here” foods.

SuperfoodsWhen you ask the person why they are doing this diet, their response is normally along the lines of “Iv read that they lower LDL, increase HDL, improve blood sugar regulation, help weight loss, are good for my brain, and settle my debts.” They alone will not make you lose weight or make you live for an extra 100 years, as they are normally advertised!

A good food doesn’t become ‘great’ food by eating it in excessive amounts. But there are foods that’s are more nutrient dense then others but that doesn’t mean you have to eat all of them.  Even the ‘healthiest’ and most micronutrient rich foods contain calories and even though they are ‘superfoods’ if you eat enough of them that they put you in a caloric surplus, resulting in you gaining weight, yes, even your latest juice cleanse,  that claims to get rid of your love handles.


So next time you see something like this, don’t be so quick to buy into marketing. People have been living great lives without having to make a smoothie with snake oil, ginger root and chia powder.

What you see on the news or all over Facebook isn’t always true! And even if you know someone who has lost weight following something mentioned above, it’s because they were in a calorie deficit, not because they started eating quinoa instead of white rice.

Have you ever fallen into any of these traps?  If so, share down below and tell us how you convinced yourself out of it!!

I’m not hating on foods like quinoa, or kale, as they should be included in a well balanced diet. Its just the way certain company’s advertise them, like they are magically, and will change your life. Its always because they are trying to sell you a product or a fad diet containing the ingredient.

The reason I don’t like the word ‘superfood’ is because it tricks people who are ill- informed about nutrition. They will go and eat a pizza, but its ok because they will drink a pint of milk after, because they have seen on the internet that it burns fat.

Whatever your goal is, if its to lose, gain, or maintain your weight, the main thing is calories in, and calories out.

For more information Calories in V. Calories out

Thank you for reading!



7 thoughts on “Superfoods! Do They Exist?

  1. I love eating healthy foods and non healthy foods, and you are completely correct! It’s all about the calories. It’s all about what you eat and burn off, and if you are eating too many calories that your body even needs. Great post. I have friends that sell “dieting aids” and I just shake my head at it all.

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    1. I am partly, because at the end of the day a calories is a calories, but this doesn’t mean you should fill your diet with unhealthy foods, just be flexible


      1. The macromolecular composition of the food we eat directly impacts how our body digests and uses it. I do think being flexible is important, but it is just as important to eat a well balanced diet. (I’m in the other camp, if you can’t tell!) 🙂 I am whole-heartedly with you about buzzwords and fad diets!

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