5 Tips For Beginners

My personal tips for gym beginners, or someone who is relatively new to the gym and finds them self stuck at a plateau .

1. Know the goal you want to achieve!
Write down the goals you want to achieve, both short-term and long-term. It gives you something to aim for and achieve. Physically write them down, and review them from time to time, and monitor your progress.

2. Realistic Goals!
You don’t want to set an unrealistic goal because when you don’t achieve it, it might knock your confidence, and lower your motivation. Make sure you are being realistic. Don’t set yourself a goal that is not achievable, give yourself enough time.

3. Progress pictures!
Always take progress pictures.  At least once a week, try to take the pictures in the same mirror with the same lighting. You will not see the results in the mirror as you see yourself every day, so take pictures and it will show your results.

4. Go shopping!
Go out and by your foods and prepare them yourself. Do not be lazy and buy processed rubbish! Buy fresh foods and see the benefit.

5.Be consistent!
Do not go for a few weeks and stop because you can’t see a massive change yet, keep consistent and believe in yourself and the results will come.

I wish you all the luck in achieving your goal, I hope this helped.

Thank you for reading.






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