The 4 Best Ways For Muscle Recovery

We all give our blood, sweat and tears in the gym, to achieve the best results but a lot of forget recovery is just as important as the workout itself.

Allowing and treating our muscles and body to fully recover will let our muscles repair itself from damaged tissue and replenish the body’s energy stores. This will allow our body to be ready for the next workout and perform and a consistent level.

A lack of recovery can cause our bodies to plateau in performance, growth and can cause symptoms of over reaching which is something that we all want to avoid.

Muscle recovery also decreases the chance of imbalances and injuries.

Ice bath

More than likely you have seen Professional athletes run straight into an ice bath after training. Looks like torture right? Like what are they doing?

The ice bath help the muscles to recover and reduce soreness, commonly know as ‘DOMS’.

When you go into the freezing ice bath it is so cold that it will flush all the harmful toxins out of your muscles by constricting the blood vessels slowing metabolic activity and when your muscles are out of the cold and warms up again it will allow blood to flow faster and allow oxygen to pass through whilst removing the lactic acid.


Deep tissue/Sports message

Deep tissue message and sports massage focus on relieving the stress and tension of the body’s muscle layers and connective tissue.

Deep tissue and sports message use similar techniques and can both be used for treating injuries and rehabilitation.


  • helps with blood circulation in the muscle, allowing nutrients and fluids to pass through and to remove waste products and accept oxygen and other good nutrients to help recovery.
  • Improved Mobility, flexibility, pain relief are just a few other great benefits from deep tissue and sports massage.



Foam Rolling (My preferred option)

By now everyone in the fitness industry has heard of foam rolling. It is used for self myofascial release, this is a way where you can self massage trigger point muscles that are tight, knotted or in pain.

Rolling the muscle on the foam roller helps loosen, lengthen and release and break up the knotted muscles and scar tissue.

Foam rolling can also help with increasing flexibility and range of motion, it is commonly used before, during and after workouts. So if you have a problem squatting, foam rolling might be the answer!

I’m not going to lie, this does hurt when you first start, but its worth it, and as you get used to it, it strangely becomes therapeutic.



When we sleep our bodies are recovering and recharging.

Good levels of sleep (7-9 hours a night) help hormonal, mental and muscle recovery along with many other benefits.

During sleep thousands of cells restore themselves, growth hormones are released while the body undergoes protein synthesis which repairs and grows the muscle.

So whether you want your muscles to grow or to be in good condition for your next workout, sleep is something that should not be ignored.

Plus who doesn’t love sleep?



Thank you for reading.

Feel free to ask me any questions.

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