Making Fat loss easier

A  lot of people always seem to over complicate there fat loss diet, when it really doesn’t need to be. Here are three ways to make it easier:

  1. Become Flexible

A lot of the time when you see a fat loss diet in the mainstream media, it is always a ‘all or nothing’ diet, that takes over your life with loads of restriction. Cut out all the ‘bad stuff’ and only eat the ‘healthy stuff’.

Truthfully this isn’t sustainable for most people. We are always surrounded by temptation. I swear everywhere you turn there is a fast food business,  where all the food is highly processed, high fat, sugary foods with the ability to push our daily intake above and beyond maintenance whilst supplying us with very little micronutrients.

Personally when I’m trying to lose weight 80-90% of my intake is from;healthy-food.png

  • Lean cut meats, for example chicken, lean mince, turkey.
  • High fibre carbohydrates, Whole grains, beans, various fruits and veg.
  • A variety of fat sources,  olive oil, coconut oil, dairy, nuts.


Then with the other 10-20% of your diet, it can consisting of some of those ‘naughty treats’ you’ve been craving. BEWARE. This is does not give you liberty to simply stuff your face. Be very mindful of your goal and don’t kid yourself.



2. Don’t stress about the little things.

Don’t get caught up with meal timings, or paying very particular attention to certain food groups, supplements etc., because it can result in unnecessary stress and agro, which will make your diet less sustainable because you feel overwhelmed.

Relax about the way you eat and let it fit your lifestyle (don’t let your diet control your life!). Aim to consume a higher protein diet based around a broad spectrum of colourful fruits and vegetables. Eat whole grains and high fibre foods with a wide variety of fat sources. Worry about these basic dietary principles before ever considering the former.

3. Track your food. But not all the time.

Using a food tracker (MyFitnessPal) to record each and every meal can be a fantastic tool for many. It allows you to see where you’re at with regard to your intake for the day. Some however find this monotonous and tiresome. MyFitnessPal-Steps

Weighing everything, logging all the time can seem like chore. If your this types of individual, I would suggest tracking for 7 days. Record everything, weigh everything and really get a feel for what you’re eating on a daily basis. Then simply following those principles in a ‘free living’ situation. You’ll normally consume the same foods through the week so very little adjustment is likely necessary. If you find your weight creeping up or a little too hungry then get back to tracking and figure out where you’re maybe going wrong.

Remember if its not sustainable, its not the solution.

Thank you for reading.


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