There is so much uncertainty around Creatine, and it really bewilders me, some people portray it as steroids! It’s so silly it isn’t dangerous, its one of the most scientifically proven supplements, and is so beneficial.


What Creatine should you buy?

There are many different types of Creatine on the market, but keep it simple, the most researched, tested and beneficial Creatine is Creatine monohydrate. Simple.

There’s no need for any fancy Creatine. There is loads of scientific evidence showing it works. It very cheap.

If your interested in buying some, the cheapest I have found on the internet is from Myprotein.

Benefits of Creatine

  • Reduces lactic acid build up
  • Provides extra energy for your muscles
  • Increases protein synthesis
  • Causes volumization of muscles (just increases the size)

Side effects of Creatine?

The only side effect is that you maybe become bloated.

But this is only temporary and you don’t need to worry about it.

Personally Creatine doesn’t affect me whatsoever.

Will I lose the muscle I built, when I stop taking Creatine?

You can build more muscle due to the added strength Creatine can provide and you can retain more water in the muscles.

The muscle which you gain as a result of increased strength  is permanent as muscle you gain when you don’t use Creatine.

This will not be lost when you stop taking Creatine. However, the water retained in the muscle is temporary. This will most likely be lost when you stop taking Creatine.

How many grams do you take a day?


Male- 5g.

The loading phase

The loading phase is the period of time where you increase your daily dose of Creatine to increase the level of Creatine in your muscles so that it is available for use.

It usually lasts for one week. 20g a day.

Personally I would divide this amount  into 4 daily servings.

(you do this when you first start taking Creatine)

Is the loading phase necessary?

Not at all.

The Loading phase isn’t crucial. But, Creatine is very cheap. If you want to load to gain any possible benefits of loading than it is fine to do so. Make sure to increase your water intake if you are concerned about dehydration etc.

The maintenance phase

After the loading phase, comes the maintenance phase. This is the rest of the time you spend using Creatine. Once you have completed a loading phase, you must keep maintain the levels of Creatine in your muscles.

Should you cycle Creatine?

Personally I do/would, but it is not known whether it is beneficial or not to cycle long-term. I take it for a month, then cycle off it for 2 weeks.

Is there an optimal time to take Creatine?

The simple answer is no.

Any time of the day will do. You don’t need to take it pre-workout, post-workout, pre-bed or any other important time.

The only thing that matters with Creatine is that you remember to take 3 or 5g a day depending on if your male or female.

Can you take Creatine with other supplements?


Just be aware that some protein supplements contain Creatine already and extra Creatine may not be required.

Creatine isn’t essential for building muscle, but if you have a good diet, and the extra money I would defiantly use it! It’s proven to work, and is so cheap compared to some bogus supplements on the market that don’t have no affect.

I hope this article helped you understand Creatine.

Thank you for reading.

Now go build some muscle!!!


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