The Homemade Ab Assault

This is a simple quick ab workout, that you can do at home or anywhere you like as no equipment is needed. The workout shouldn’t take no longer than 30 minutes, and is great for all levels of fitness.

For Each Exercise:

  • Beginners – 5 Reps
  • Intermediate – 12 Reps
  • Advanced – 20 Reps
  • No rest until the circuit is complete!
  • Rest Time – 90 seconds,  Complete for 2-3 rounds in total

    Make sure you warm Up First!



Exercise 1 – Leg Raises





Exercise 2 – T Stabilisation





Exercise 3- Bicycle Crunch









Exercise 4 – Heel Touches







Exercise 5 – Flutter Kicks








Exercise 6- Plank, hold for as long as you can. FEEL THE BURN

I hope you enjoy this simple but affective workout! Be sure to let me know how you get on!

Remember you will not see your abs unless your body fat is low enough!

For more information on this

Calories in V. Calories out

Thank you for reading.

If you have any questions feel free to Contact me.




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