Is salt really that bad?

Salt is considered to be an unhealthy food choice if used excessively. It’s got a pretty bad reputation.

The average intake of salt in the UK is between 9-12g per day.

A surprising fact! The minimum amount of salt needed for the heart and nerves to work effectively is 2 grams per day. This shows the body does need a certain level of salt.

Salt isn’t harmless but there are definitely worse things out there.

Why is salt considered bad?

High salt intake has been linked to high blood pressure, arthritis, heart disease and much more.

There was a big study in the 1980s which found a small relationship between salt intake and high blood pressure, this helped to give salt it’s bad name.

There have also been studies assessing the effects of all out salt reduction. Different studies have found that doing this has led to problems with hormones, weight gain, insulin and increased cholesterol.

Are all salts the same?

Simply no.

  • Sea Salt – The healthier version but unfortunately a lot of the good stuff is stripped away in the processing phase.
  • Sodium Chloride – This is the bad stuff. Normal table salt, this is what is added to all of our processed foods
  • Celtic Sea Salt –This is relatively unknown, but this is the good stuff. It’s natural and contains many vital minerals which aid how our body performs. It has even been linked with regulating heartbeat and blood pressure as well as improving brain function, improving sleep patterns and boosting energy levels.

The main health problems linked with salt is from all of the unhealthy sodium chloride which is added to our foods all ready.

Easy solution would be to stay away from processed foods as much as possible..

I hope this clear things up a little bit for you.

Thank you for reading






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