When it comes to being fit and healthy, mornings are by far the best place to start (considering they are the start of the day). So much of your day is determined by how you start the day and how you handle the morning.

Some people are morning people, like myself, and have no problem with getting up and feeling fresh and ready to smash the day, but I understand there is a lot of other people who aren’t like that.

There could be loads of possible things affecting your mornings. One of the main and obvious reasons, is not enough sleep, a lot of people work 10 hours a day, while trying to juggle, fitness, eating well, and their kids, so they don’t have a lot of time to sleep, resulting in a grumpy person, when that alarm goes off at 6am.

One thing that I found that personally helps me out in the morning, is a nutritious, high protein breakfast.

Why? Here’s why

  • Eating a high protein breakfast can help you stay fuller for a longer amount of time, making your feel energised and ready for the day. Ghrelin is the appetite hormone that stimulates hunger. Secretion of Ghrelin is decreased when consuming a high protein breakfast thus leading to feeling fuller longer and decreasing the need to snack on easy, unhealthy treats that could lead to unwanted weight gain.


  • A high protein breakfast raises your brain’s tyrosine levels that help your brain produce neurotransmitters called norepinephrine and dopamine, which give you energy and make you feel awake and alert.

High Protein Breakfast Foods:

Turkey Bacon- Be careful with the high amount of sodium, but turkey bacon offers much more protein than pork bacon, and it also can contain more healthy fats.

Egg Whites-  Eggs work too but limit/pair with egg whites due to high cholesterol levels in yolk. You can find cartons of egg whites in the egg section of your grocery store. If you’re crunched on time try drinking the egg whites. I know it might sound gross but it doesn’t taste bad at all and it’s much faster plus FULL of protein.

Almond Butter- Almond butter is full on healthy fats, contains much less saturated fat than peanut butter, and has about the same amount of protein as peanut butter. Slap some on two pieces of whole wheat, high fibre toast and your have yourself quite the healthy breakfast!

Greek Yogurt- Greek Yogurt is full of calcium and twice as much protein as regular yogurt. Get in plain to cut down on sugar levels and add your own fresh fruit to give it some delicious flavour! Plus it’s easy to take on the go on mornings you’re crunched on time.

There you have it, I hope this article was helpful, and this helps you have a better mornings.

Thank you for reading.


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