Why is postural alignment so important?

First lets identify poor posture

Your body is designed to be aligned a certain way.


  • Static Posture is when you look at your posture standing. Analysis at this point is essential. After all if you start wrong you will end wrong.
  • Looking at static posture from the side, you should be able to draw a line from your ear that runs through your neck, mid shoulder, mid hip, and down to your ankle.



  • Dynamic Posture is looking at posture whilst performing basic movements, for example the deadlift.
  • Dynamic posture is all about keeping an even load distribution through each movement performed.

For example these movements:



How does our posture become bad?

Nowadays a lot of time is spent sitting down, whether that’s behind a computer screen, in a car, or watching TV. This is one of the main causes of bad posture.

For example a lot of jobs require you to be sat behind a computer screen. This leads to our hip flexors and hamstrings get really tight and shorten, also our shoulders will tend to round forward and we then develop what’s what is known as ‘Upper Cross Syndrome’.


This can lead to rotator cuff problems, hip flexor strains and other injuries, until this is sorted out.

Other posture misalignments include Lordosis (negative arch of the back with a forward pelvic tilt), and Kyphosis (rounding of the upper back).

To correct these, we need to find the root of the issue.

The issue normally is very tight, and short hamstrings, and hips flexors. Their backs are weak with a tight chest and more commonly recently one shoulder drops lower than the other.

Therefore to correct this, the opposite needs to be done, but most people don’t think about this and carry on with their gym training, which just causes more problems and injuries in the future.


So solve the problem from the root, get a professional to analyse your posture.

You’ll strength and gym performance will increase.

Thank you for reading, I hope it was informative.



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