It’s probably the most exciting supplement, I know I enjoy my pre workout.

While having a pre workout isn’t essential, if you have the extra cash to spend why not have one because they do increase your workout performance, but I know everyone can’t afford them as they are pricey, especially from the big name stores that rip you off, 20 servings for £35 what!!!!They tend to be way over priced, have hidden ingredients that are not good for you, very little of the actual ingredients said to be in the product, and they just don’t last long.

But like I said I do think that pre workout can be beneficial.

A lot of the time now I see pre workouts, that are just very high ‘stim’, basically meaning they are just caffeine, with a few pump ingredients in there. Yes caffeine is ideal to have in a pre workout as it is affective, but they are over dosing it, and there are many other ingredients that they could include in their product, that are very beneficial.
Pre workout supplements are affective, but some are so over priced, or rely on one ingredient (normally caffeine ).

So why not make your own? Why not buy the individual ingredients, that way you can know exactly what goes in it, and also it is so much cheaper!

Here’s my own pre workout I make, feel free to give it a go yourself!

Per one serving:

  1. Creatine- 5g
    Creatine helps to increase muscle mass and improve strength. If you want more information on this, I have another article dedicated to it.
  2. Caffeine- 250 mg
    Improve Focus and increase energy

3. Citrulline Malate- 7g
Aids recovery, reduces fatigue.

4. Beta Alanine- 5g
Improves endurance, also gives you the tingling feeling.

5. Flavouring of your choice
This just helps with overall taste, as some ingredients aren’t the best tasting.

There you have it! Now go and make your own pre workout, with your own ingredients, use whatever you think will benefit you most.

Thank you for reading



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