Muscle Imbalances

Everybody has them, even if you don’t want to admit it, and it probably annoys you!

In the article I’ll go over the causes, and how to correct muscle imbalances.

I know personally how annoying and frustrating it can be , when you look in the mirror and you notice that one pec is slightly bigger than your other, or your t-shirt is slightly tighter on your left arm.

Why muscle imbalances occur and what we can do to correct them;

  • Poor Postural alignment.
  • We all have a dominant side. A side that is naturally stronger because we use it more. Usually this comes down to what hand we are. For example, personally im right-handed so most of the time my power is generated for my right side.

When  your benching, does the bar slightly lean-to one side? Do you feel one pec working more than the other? This is because you have a dominate side, if you get someone to watch, or film you, you will realise that the bar probably isn’t inline over your chest.

Now these problems are not always linked to muscle imbalance in that particular area, it can be also be linked to muscle tightness in other areas having a knock on effect.

  Here are a few tips of things I have tried and tested myself and have been very affective.

  1. Change your workout program for a set amount of time, of purely unilateral (training one side at a time) training. Make sure its structured though.
  2. Warm up properly! Not just a couple of reps with no weight on the bar. You need to make sure the muscles you are using are warm, stretched and primed using dynamic stretches and warm up sets. My warm-up and mobility to train legs actually takes me 30 minutes to get warm enough, as personally I don’t have the best mobility.

If you do change your program to purely unilateral movements there are two ways to go about it.

Either do something along the lines of, 10 reps of a weight on your stronger side, then do 12 reps of that weight on your weaker side. Personally I don’t really like this approach, as i found that when it came to my weaker side, my form broke down, as it couldn’t handle doing the weight for 12 reps, but if its good for you and your form stays good, then you can use this method.

Or you can take a different approach and pick a weight that your stronger side can push or pull for 8 (or whatever rep range you choose) but your right struggles. Keep the weight exactly the same on both sides until your weaker side has caught up. Then start increasing the weights incrementally.

Because everyone wants to just keep getting stronger and bigger as quick as they can, our ego’s get in the way and the imbalance will never be corrected which causes even more problems down the line, so take the time to sort your imbalances out.

Thank you for reading i hope this is helpful.

If you have any questions feel free to Contact me .


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