4 Types of foods to avoid when dieting

I know how challenging losing weight is and it’s a giant task for most people. However, if your smart about  which foods to consume and which ones to avoid, you’ll find it a lot easier to lose them pounds. Always remember that you will gain weight if your caloric intake is higher than your energy output.

To make your task of losing weight just a little easier, I decided to put together a list of some food groups you must avoid when you can or have in moderation.


Let me get something out the way first, I’m not saying avoid fats, as they are an important macronutrient, I’m just saying try to limit your fats, and consume in moderation.

Fats are important in your diet, as they are a good source of energy, and are needed for brain function. However, the volume of calories you take in is doubled compared to proteins or carbohydrates of the same size.

If you want your diet to go successfully, consume fats in moderation. So when eating foods like meat, pick the lean cuts, and personally I would stay away from anything fried.



Personally, when I’m loosing weight, I allow myself one ‘sweet treat’ a week, whether that’s a bag of sweets, or a chocolate bar. However I always make sure I can fit it into my diet without going over my calories for the day. For more on how to do this Flexible Dieting

If you indulge in ice cream, cheesecake and chocolate, to often, you will end up with more pounds than before.

Sweets are sources of carbohydrates. But the carbohydrate is in its simplest form, making it very high in calories for the amount of volume you get. Remember when dieting you always want include more foods that are low in calories and that are filling. I have another article dedicated to this, so if your interested in finding out some foods that are perfect for dieting, check it out.

In the modern-day we all eat way too much sugar. The problem is that sugar is in just about everything we eat. Therefore, it can be tough to realize just how much of it we are eating. The problem with sugar is that it contains empty calories. Basically it has absolutely no nutritional value. Sugar can also cause your immune system to become depressed, put you at risk for heart disease and osteoporosis among other things.


Processed Foods

Processed foods normally have a high caloric and sodium content.

I know when your losing weight and your always hungry, and there can be temptation to just go to the nearest KFC because it’s so quick and easy, but I personally never eat fast food, when I’m trying to lose weight, as it is just so high in calories and will put you off track.

Also avoid eating processed foods too much.


Calorie Filled Drinks

This is really a no brainer, when you’re restricting your calories, why would you waste them on a drink, as they normally have no nutritional value, and also don’t satisfy your appetite

Whether it’s soft drinks, milk, juice or beer, drinks containing calories can be a big stumbling block. It’s very easy to forget how much you’re taking in when the calories are in liquid form which is what posses the danger.



If you go about your diet, in a smart way, and consume the right foods, you’re going to be much more successful.

Thank you for reading


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