What A Tall Guy Can Do To Bring Up His Legs!

For the purposes of this article, I think it’s important that we define what “tall” means.

The average height for a male is around 5’ft 9″.

So when I say tall I’m referring to everyone 6’ft and over.

The information in this article will be more helpful and applicable for every inch over 6’0″ you happen to be, but you’ll still get results following the guidelines.

Being 6 ft 4 I know exactly how hard it can be trying to gain mass on super long and lanky legs.

Tall guys generally have long femurs (leg bones), that tends to make every leg exercise feel uncomfortable and awkward, also having to pack on twice as much muscle as a shorter guy to make your legs look good!

So, what can a tall guy do to bring up his legs?

Image result for arnold schwarzenegger legs
Arnold was 6 ft 2

Mess around with your reps-

I know the typical gym ‘bro’ loves high rep squatting for leg growth, and I can see why. Unfortunately, our levers are not made for squatting, so a lot of us would struggle keeping good form when doing high reps.  There are a few techniques I use to up the  intensity that you can use, such as one and a half reps, as well as throwing rest-pause training into the mix.


Box squat-

Incorporating a box squat into your leg day routine can really help your leg growth, specially the posture chain. Have a slight wider stance then normal and place the bar in more of the low bar position on the rear delts. This decreases the range of motion and fatigue on the stabilizers, allowing you to overload the muscles instead.

Intra set rests-

Intra-set rests really forced my legs to grow. This is where you pause at the top of a squat for 10-15 seconds without racking the bar is a very potent weapon for us tall guys. Not only does it help to restore creative phosphate, but we’ll also increase our aerobic capacity for future squatting endeavours.

Keep the reps low-

Stop trying to squat for sets of 12 to 15 plus. Long femurs are not optimal when it comes to squatting. Our stabilizers will fatigue before our muscles, causing form to break down, putting you at risk of an injury.  Remember, we’re tall, so the rules change. Therefore, when you’re squatting, I recommend aiming for around 4 to 8 reps for maximum benefits.

Do what feels comfortable and what you’re good at-

Due to the lever length us tall guy’s femurs, we’ll be able to rock with the leg extensions and various leg curls. They may not be the most ideal functional movement, but they are a great exercise to pack on the mass the them legs, so get the most out of these machines and up the reps and sets.

In summary, work with the hand you have been dealt. If you train hard and smart, you’ll have big legs in no time!

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